Hindi Launched on yesHEis : India

CV India officially launched Hindi on the yesHEis app on 24 May 2017, and there are three more such soft launches planned in different parts of the country. This is a huge stepping stone for the team and their vision of touching a billion people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Close to 90 church representatives attended and shared their experiences on using the yesHEis app. It was very encouraging to hear their stories and a special Q&A session was conducted by Rajiv, the India Country Manager, to help any queries with the roll out.

Below are some stories that show how important the yesHEis app is for many in India:

-Life seemed to come to an end for one young girl whose boyfriend committed suicide after their parents disapproved of their relationship. Shattered and devastated, she began to share her heart including the numerous financial issues her family was going through. Our team connected her with a local church who is now in contact with her and providing the necessary support.

-Another girl wrote to us about her dilemma with God because of the death of her mother. We encouraged her and shared about Jesus with her. She opened up to us and also agreed to be contacted by one of our local counsellors who is currently working with her.

-A student shared with our team about feelings of rejection and loneliness. She believed God was distant and indifferent to her problems. We shared with her about the inseparable love of God. In the course of the conversation she started to pray to God for His comfort. She is currently being counselled by our team.

Some responses from yesHEis users:

“Hi. Video stories captivate. While I usually like to share scripture on facebook, the option of sharing these videos has been so exciting to me. I look at the content and then individually post on select places. Then I leave the rest to God. I know He is working out something in the lives of people watching in ways we may never understand.”

“yesHEis helps me share those few subtle things which we hesitate to say to our friends because we think sharing them might affect our relationship with that person. Now, I need not hesitate to share the gospel. Good job guys.”

“God has transformed my life and I desire the same for others, and yesHEis helps me a lot. I ‘m not sure if any of my friends actually watch the videos, but I do it in the hope that they do and pray that someone, somewhere may see the video at their point of need.”


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