Hearts of Gratitude: Venezuela

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this. Psalm 37:5

We had yet another month in which our hearts were filled with joy and gratitude, seeing the hand of the Lord working our behalf. We began the month of May by launching another beautiful church in celebration of God and his greatness.

We are very grateful to God for the reopening of the Brazil-Venezuela border, which has allowed us to go into Brazil to buy much needed food and medicine. The situation here is quieter with regard to the protests and violence, but the situation of the country as a whole remains chaotic. In addition to the rationing of water, electricity and gas, Venezuela is currently experiencing a severe crisis in our fuel supply. This has paralysed the country and our refineries, and has only added to the already significant social and economic problems.

Many are predicting that if Venezuela’s political climate does not change soon, we will run out of fuel by mid-June! As such, the queues in the few open petrol stations go on for miles and some people are having to queue for days. Sadly, some people are illegally re-selling fuel at a greatly inflated price. Please pray for this, especially since the fuel shortage has prevented us from carrying out a number of church inauguration visits and other important works.

In spite of these challenges and obstacles, we continue to work hard and to carry out God’s work. This month we will be sharing creative evangelism in local schools and on the streets: distributing soup to the needy, visiting hospitals, training our leaders and conducting various activities in our churches.

We have seen so many examples of the Lord working his miracles and healing, including a man who came to us with a high fever and severe kidney pain. We prayed for him and within minutes he was pain-free!

We ended the month rejoicing in the birth of a daughter to two of our missionaries, Raimundo and Leide! We congratulate them and thank God that their baby girl was born strong and healthy, and that Leide is doing well.


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