Hearts and Lives Mended: Ukraine

Through online media strategies, we have the privilege of connecting with many people who are hurting or searching for answers, and helping them to begin a transforming relationship with Jesus. Following are two of many stories received this month.

Liza* wrote us to us about her frequent quarrels with her husband and some difficulties at work. She was complaining about the rudeness of her husband, which made her so sad that she didn’t feel like staying with him. She said the only reason why she wasn’t leaving her husband was her daughter, who was strongly loved by her father. Also, Liza said she didn’t have anyone to talk to and was lacking support. Our volunteer comforted Liza and suggested that she look at her husband differently. “You can do something nice to help him see that you value him,” said the volunteer. “Demonstrate to him your love, try not to get offended at his words and, even if at the beginning he doesn’t notice your good actions, don’t respond with anger. Tell him that you cherish him and that you are thankful for him.” The volunteer also asked Liza if she could pray for her. Later we received this answer: “I am so grateful for your help. When I told my husband that I was happy to be with him and that I cherished him, he told me he loved me for the first time in several months.” We sent Liza the Bible and she began reading it. She loved it! Our volunteer kept supporting her and talking to her about God, the Bible and prayer. She suggested that Liza meet some other Christian from her town. At that time, the local church was arranging a picnic and they invited Liza and her daughter. “I didn’t even think I would meet such sincere people. We had some tea, had interesting conversations, joked and sang songs, the children played nearby. I am very pleased.” Since then, Liza began attending the church.

Please pray that this lady’s heart would be open to God and His Word.

Irene* met Jesus and began to break the power of a dysfunctional relationship. “I am 47 years old. I shared home with a man who betrayed me in the most difficult time of my life. I ended this relationship and we hadn’t seen each other for several years, but recently he came back to my life. I know very well that this is not going to work. He is a drug addict, an alcoholic and loves women. I really want to be set free from this horror in my life, from this dependence. I am so tired to live like that! My soul aches and I desperately want to breath freely and be grateful for each new day of my life!”

This cry for help was heard by our online volunteer, Olga. She told Irene that we are not able to change other people, but we can pray for them and be kind to them, giving them an example of the changes in our own life. Also, she told the woman about The One who can change hearts! Olga suggested that Irene open her heart to Jesus, and sent her the prayer of repentance. Later she received this answer: “After the prayer I realized that I felt a huge relief! I began to overcome this dependence which tortured me. My soul could breathe again! Thank you for not leaving me alone, I think I could have lost my mind. And now I know that God loves me and that He sent you to tell me that!”

Please pray that this precious lady would daily grow in strength, healing and her knowledge of God.


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