Healed by Jesus: Myanmar

Mrs Lin* is an unbeliever who has a lot of difficulties in her life and in her family as well. Being uneducated, she earns her family’s survival by washing clothes and serving other households in whatever they need. She wanted her children to be educated (one of her daughters has a matriculation exam this year) and she tries her best to be a supportive mother for her children. As it is still winter in Myanmar, she caught a cold and cough and became so tired that she couldn’t talk very much.

One of our national pioneers met Mrs Lin when she came to the health clinic, which is run by some Christian volunteer doctors and nurses. The pioneer shared with her about how God can heal sick people, and prayed for her. When she came to the clinic for the next time, the doctor saw her fresh and looking so well. She came to the clinic to find the pioneer who had shared with her. She said, “Because of your prayer I’m healed, and I even told my children about Jesus.”

Please pray for Mrs Lin as our pioneer continues to follow her up, that she might accept Jesus as her Saviour and Lord. Pray also for the pioneer, who is serving in a children’s ministry and needs to prepare for three months of lessons. Pray that the lessons would be powerful in sharing the Word of God.


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