With evangelism at the heart of everything we do, CV has recently witnessed the need and desire in churches, of all sizes, to improve their newfound digital ministries.

What we know is that the future calls for a hybrid church; one that makes use of the traditional church model but also embraces the opportunities that come with modern technology.

For this reason, CV’s Africa team has just launched Harnessing The Power of Film for the Gospel, a new five-part training course, which shows creatives how to use film to effectively communicate the gospel message. 

We designed this course to help churches and ministries irrespective of size or budget, be effective in their digital activities by utilising resources already on hand.

This free course focuses on the fundamental aspects of film production (scriptwriting, production, post-production, editing, copyright, distribution) and allows for the production of high quality film without the high price tag.

To learn how to create video content that brings the message of Jesus to people all over the world, enrol here



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