Hallowed be thy name

I have been focussed on saying the Lord’s Prayer recently but keep getting stuck on the word ‘hallowed’. The word means ‘made holy, consecrated, greatly revered and honoured. Also, to purify, sanctify and honour’.  We reverence his majesty; we don’t use his name in vain and we consider it precious and holy.

We say words so quickly, but words can have a deep and profound meaning. As we hallow the name of God, we should be mindful of exactly what it is that we are saying and doing.

How can we ‘hallow his name’?  Yes, we can say the words, but is there more we can do? When I see very well-behaved children, I always think their parents have brought them up well.  Children can be a credit to their parents and speak volumes about their upbringing. So, as God’s children, if we follow his instructions and live as he has taught us to, then we hallow his name. We show forth God on the earth. Our actions will reflect him and in us people will see a reflection of him.

It is possible for us to so reflect the glory of God by walking close with him that men and women will see the glory of God in us. The scripture tells us of Enoch who walked with God and was then no more for God took him. When Moses came down from the mountain his face glowed from the brightness of God’s glory.

 We can hallow God’s name in word, and elevate his status in our hearts and acknowledge him as the all-knowing, all-powerful and ever-present one. We can also hallow him in our daily lives and actions. 

Psalm 103:7 He made known his ways to Moses, his acts to the people of Israel.

Let us be those who understand the ways of God and not just observers of his acts.


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