Google Leads to Church: North America

One man, desperate to save his marriage, was connected to Saddleback Church through CV Outreach.

The man googled in search of support, and found a CV Outreach ad that led him here:

He sent the following email to Saddleback:

“I am not a member of your church, but I’m desperate for help. Unfortunately, in my experience, church preached about a moody, angry, and ready to punish-at-the-first mistake God. Everything was a sin and I had to follow a series of rules and restrictions to be close to God.

This environment did not help me in my life before Christ. I have struggled with impure sexual behaviour since I was young (now I’m 42 years old). After receiving Jesus in my heart, I have had ups and downs, but haven’t made a definite change in my life. Now that I listen to your messages, I understand why.

During my marriage, there have been two occasions where I’ve been sexually impure and have created a painful situation for my wife. I have hurt my wife and want to look for help. She is willing to go to Christian couple’s counselling and I would like to see if you have a program that can help us restore our marriage.”

CV connected this man directly with a church pastor, who invited him to church. We are told that the man will be attending a church campus this week to receive support through the pastoral care ministry.

Please pray for this man and his wife to find healing and support while attending Saddleback Church.


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