Going Out with Love : China

“Many years ago the missionaries came to China with love, now you go out with love ” a profound comment by a lady in response to our China team visiting churches in other nations. Seeing and hearing about the work that CV China are doing through yesHEis is encouraging believers to reach out and get behind the campaign. This same lady went on to to say… “I am very touched that you have the heart of Jesus and thank you for the sake of the kingdom of God. May God keep your peace and your needs and I hope that you will share your needs so we can know how to support you in prayer and dedication!” Not only is it important to reach the lost, but to also stir up believers to pray and support what God is doing both in their own country and globally.

In May, China released articles and documentary videos about their visits to local churches as well as that of missionaries both in Pakistan and Afghanistan. There was some great feedback. Many local brothers and sisters from various churches in China said they were inspired by the enthusiasm of the missionaries and that they too wanted to do missionary work and evangelical work in cities! Some offered donations for missionaries in Pakistan and Afghanistan, including support for yesHEis.

The campaign is inspiring many, one such man was quoted saying: “Thank you all! May God bless your institution. You are really good! Sometimes when I watch the yesHEis videos and read the articles, I am moved to cry out. It’s not proper for a boy, but I really cry out! I will pray for you, and hope you do more work for our God. God bless you!”

Another comment stated: “What can separate us from the love of Christ! The sword? Persecution? Affliction? or Poverty? You have all gone out, and the crown of righteousness will remain for you. I am blessed my kids are healthy and happy to grow! The content of yesHEis has a deep impact on me!”

Also our China team sent their community group to Tianjin to share yesHEis and were warmly received with strong praise and support. Many, after seeing the gospel films from yesHEis, were impressed by the modern fashionable style and how easily relatable they were to today’s audience. Subsequently, the team was commended and supported to continue to preach the gospel online. The Bertley Church were equally impressed by the Easter content videos; it helped them to share the gospel to people around them. They are keen to continue to use yesHEis gospel videos to share Jesus Christ’s salvation with more people.

Lastly another encouraging comment for CV China: “As one of the generations of Christians, regardless of your age, you should be used in different ways to participate in missionary ministry. Seeing yesHEis has released these witnesses for Christ. How can we sit still? Thank God for the rise of missions in China, and the many local churches promoting the ministry of mission. Everyone should do their best to put themselves in front of God and take action! The front warriors, you are our current example and we pray together, offer and support your mission.”


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