God’s Word Heals Anxiety: Impact Myanmar

Shindy* grew up in a Christian family, but never really engaged in the faith of her upbringing. She didn’t attend church or read the Bible and also didn’t pray. No one made an effort to share the Gospel with her for 16 years.

One day she got anxious about what would happen to her after her death. She met with our national pioneer Philip, and Philip shared the Gospel with her. He explained what happens to Christians after they die.

As Shindy was listening to the word of God, she felt a deep peace in her heart. She put her trust in Jesus and accepted Him as her Saviour right then and there.

Shindy said that, after hearing God’s word and making Jesus the centre of her life, she now is no longer afraid, but feels at peace in her life. She decided to dedicate her life to sharing the Gospel’s good news with others.

Please pray for Shindy, as she matures in Christ and helps to spread the Gospel. Please pray also that the resources to build and sustain the church in Myanmar will be plentiful so that anxious people have a place to come and hear God’s comforting word.


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