God Watches Over Baby’s Heart Surgery: Africa

On CV Prayer we recognise that people all over the world experience struggle in many different areas of life; that’s why we take the time every Thursday to pray with and for people online. We believe that time spent in prayer is never wasted and are always grateful to receive testimonies of answers to prayer from our viewers.

Thousands of viewers engage with CV Prayer for encouragement, Godly insight and, above all, prayer support. Their requests vary from viewers seeking God to people asking us to pray more specifically for issues like healing, marriages, and employment. It’s encouraging to see people all over the world who are willing to step out in faith and believe in the power of prayer.

Over the last few months, we ‘ve received a few great testimonies of God’s faithfulness. A mother whose newborn baby was suffering from a rare congenital heart condition reached out to us through the CV Prayer platform. At nine days old, the baby had its first open heart surgery and there was another operation in the upcoming weeks. The mother asked us to pray for the healing of her baby and for peace in her heart to deal with the difficult situation.

We prayed for her and later received this response: “My baby has gone in for his second operation and everything went well. He is still in hospital as he has picked up a bacterial and fungal infection, but he is on two weeks ‘ treatment for this. He is doing so much better. Thank you for all your prayers, we do appreciate it.”

Dealing with people’s difficult lived realities is never easy, but we are given the assurance that God is our hope, healer and protector.

Please pray that God will heal this precious child and continue to bring peace to the family as they face these difficult circumstances. Pray also that God will reveal His perfect love to those who cry out to Him in earnestness through CV Prayer.


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