God Multiplies Outcomes: Canada

The Friday before Easter weekend, we had the opportunity to film with Steven Ger of Sojourner Ministries, an organisation that seeks to ‘explore the Jewish heart of Christianity’. During our time with Steven, we knew we had two keyword topics to cover: Messiah and Passover. The Passover video took precedence because it had an expiration date over Easter weekend, whereas the Messiah video would be evergreen – something we’d keep using year round.

Having finished the Passover video on Thursday, we left for the long weekend to celebrate our Saviour’s saving grace and resurrection. When we got to work on Monday, however, we were struck with amazement – our Passover video had been viewed over 6,000 times! Roughly 2,000 of those views are from Google ads, but the other 4,000 are from completely organic YouTube search traffic. In fact, if someone was searching “what is passover” on YouTube over Easter weekend, our video would come have up as the #1 result!! God is on the move. We were blessed beyond measure by how God multiplied the fruits of our labour.

Please pray as the CV North America team continues to seek out ways to benefit our spheres of influence in the US and Canada.


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