God Heals Terminal Cancer: Latin America

One of our CVCLAVOZ listeners, Elaisa*, had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Doctors estimated she would not live longer than one more month. Elaisa sent a prayer request through the website www.cvclavoz.com.

One of our response team members contacted her. He promised to pray for Elaisa and encouraged her to have faith and trust in God.

Elaisa survived the first month after her diagnosis and slowly seemed to get better. Our team member kept praying for her and she reported back to us about her slowly improving health. This exchange lasted for a year. Then we received wonderful news: Elaisa had been completely healed of her cancer!

She says she is grateful to CVCLAVOZ for the 20 years they have been transmitting the message of salvation, encouragement and life to the world.

Please pray that Elaisa’s testimony will reach many people in similar situations and show them that God is able to provide the healing they desperately need.


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