God Frees Young Mother from Suicidal Thoughts and Drug Addiction: Ukraine

In March 2018, in the middle of the night, our online volunteers received a message. A young woman was begging for help saying: “I have a drug addiction. I have two little daughters, who will most probably be taken from me. I have no place to live, no work and I don’t want to live anymore I am on the edge! Today we are spending the night in the drug den and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. I can’t commit suicide. I am a coward. I tried once I am just dreaming all of this would end.”

Our online volunteer told this young woman about God’s love and that nothing is impossible for Him. He assured her God could also change her life and promised to pray for her. He also gave the women guidance on how she could seek and get to know God herself.

After this conversation their correspondence stopped, but half a year later we heard from the woman again: “I am so grateful for your prayers! My life was radically changed! God is alive! I wrote you that night in despair. My husband and I were drug addicts, we have kids and our youngest is three years old. That night I felt very weak and I decided to write to you. Today we aren’t taking any drugs. My husband has been sober for five months and I have been sober for four months. It’s a miracle, because before I couldn’t live a day without the drug!

The woman and her husband keep fighting and beat their addiction daily with God’s help.

Please pray for them, as they continue to overcome this hardship and grow as followers of Christ.


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