God Draws Near to Those Who Draw Near to Him: Armenia

Milena* from Armenia wrote to us 4 months ago. She said she was seeking God and needed Him in her life. She also asked us to help her pray because she would get distracted every time she tried to pray alone.

A CV online volunteer contacted her and offered to pray together. During their conversation, Milena told them that she didn’t go to church and wasn’t baptised. Our prayer team began praying for her regularly, but it seemed that Milena was battling with something that didn’t allow her to connect with God, although she really wanted to.

We suggested that she go to a church and kept praying, supporting and encouraging her to continue seeking opportunities for growth in her faith. Our correspondence continued for about three and a half months. The online volunteer connected Milena with local church members, but she felt too ashamed to attend a church service. The volunteer suggested she could watch the sermons online instead, just to feel a bit more comfortable and relaxed.

God slowly but gradually began to work in Milena’s heart and we witnessed this work bearing fruit. She started to pray regularly. She continued to watch online church services and was touched by the Word of God. We continuously support and pray for Milena. Hopefully, she will soon find the confidence to come to church.

Please pray that God blesses Milena’s heart with His peace and freedom.


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