God Does Not Stop Pursuing His Children: Impact Ukraine

Sofia* is a kindergarten teacher in Ukraine. She likes her job, is married and has financial stability, all of which make her known as a successful person in her village.

A team of NPI pioneers that worked in Sofia’s neighbourhood collected toys to give them out to children in need during one of their evangelism sessions. Sofia, as a kindergarten worker, approached the pioneers and asked for toys for the kindergarten she worked in.

It was the first touch point between Sofia and the pioneers. Since then they would meet each other occasionally in the village. She knew where their church was but had no interest in going. They only ever talked about the kindergarten and how best to help it.

When the pioneers started to conduct children’s programs in the village and opened a kids’ club, Sofia’s son attended the children’s ministry. When parents and grandparents were coming to the club to pick up their children, the pioneers engaged them in conversations. These simple conversations soon turned into a dedicated Bible hour.

When Sofia found herself once more pursued by God through this Bible hour she could not deny Him anymore. She decided to pray with the pioneers and accept Christ as Saviour.

Please pray that Sofia will be able to reach others with the Gospel, now that she is saved.


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