Fulfilling the Search for True Love: Africa

share Jesus online

This Valentine???s day, the Africa team had the privilege to share Jesus online and impact thousands of people with a powerful message of God’s love for the world.

While Valentine’s Day is often associated with superficial and worldly notions about romantic love, the day also presents a unique opportunity to share the good news of God’s true love with the multitudes who are desperately seeking for something real and lasting.

This year the Africa team, through its 1Africa platform, set out to do just that in the form of a simple video entitled Love Has A Name. This year’s video truly struck a chord and we were flooded with hundreds of responses from explorers over a 48-hour period. Many responded to the simple Gospel message contained in the video. The campaign was supported by a blog series on the 1Africa platform, which also sparked many conversations about Jesus.

The campaign resulted in 11,757 introductions to Jesus in a 48-hour period, and 925 people shared the video on social media platforms. In addition, more than 500 response messages were received.

While we celebrate the thousands of introductions to Jesus, one of the most inspiring elements of this campaign has been the conversations about Jesus we’ve been able to engage in. From people dealing with the impact of HIV and feelings of worthlessness, to family heartbreak and insecurity, we’ve been able to point people in the direction of a living, loving relationship with Christ!

Please pray that those who found Jesus through this campaign would grow in their faith, and follow through on their commitment by getting planted in strong, Bible-believing churches in their areas.


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