While Instagram might be the forum for fake smiles and perfect poses, it’s also proving to be a touchpoint for people trying to navigate the deepest wells of vulnerability.

Zola* reached out to us via Instagram in a truly desperate situation. Battling depression, shame from an abusive childhood and the torment of an abusive marriage, Zola had also just found out she was pregnant.

Carrying a baby she did not want to bring into this world, Zola began considering an abortion as well as contemplating suicide. Having already been to see a counsellor, who just took her money and offered no help, Zola had reached the end of her tether. However, after several conversations with our team, Zola’s outlook changed.

Thanks for your continuous support in talking to me when you didn’t have to… it means a lot to me and I don’t take it for granted, she wrote.

And, we were able to do more than just listen. We connected Zola with one of our incredible church partners here in Africa, who just so happened to have two trained counsellors on staff; one of whom has since connected with Zola. Soon after Zola wrote to us advising she had spoken with the pastor who she found to be ‘very good’ and ‘helpful’.

I am feeling so happy and blessed because I really feel God in this with me now. Thank you, she wrote the next time.

What a privilege it is for us here at CV to be a bridge for people in need. We are truly fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside such phenomenal church partners across the region.

Please join us in praying for Zola and the many others in her situation. We ask that they would be brave enough to reach out for help. We also pray for the continued strengthening of our existing relationships with church partners, as well as for opportunities to connect them with those in need of an encounter with Jesus.



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