From Buddhist to Believer

Indra* is a well-educated woman and is in a position of responsibility in her career.

She grew up with strong Buddhist beliefs, and was very committed to her religion, including giving financially.

Even so, she felt an emptiness and was unhappy as her life dragged on without any fulfillment. 

She somehow came into possession of a Bible and started to read it. The scriptures brought her peace as she had never known before.

Indra reached out to CV through Facebook and her eagerness to learn more about Christianity continued to increase until she finally met one of our NPI pioneers.

Since becoming a Christian, her home life has been tense. Her son and daughter-in-law are completely opposed to her change in faith. Her daughter-in-law started treating her cruelly and even burned her Bible. But Indra persevered and started attending the pioneer’s home cell group.

On one occasion, after meeting with the pioneer and a community specialist, Indra surprised them both by turning the tables around and praying for them instead.

We thank God for transforming Indra’s life and bringing her faith and fulfilment in Jesus. 

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