Free from Guilt: Russia


“I ‘ve done too many bad things not once. Some things can’t be changed and for that reason I constantly feel guilty.” This is a message we received from Valentina*, who was searching for peace.

Our volunteer told Valentina about a living God, who is able to forgive and give peace and hope to all people. Valentina agreed to let the volunteer pray for her, saying: “Sure, I would like someone to pray for me, I want God to see me.” Through the prayers, God softened Valentina’s heart and she wanted to know more about God.

The online volunteer shared her testimony, and the story touched Valentina so much that she decided to pray and ask Jesus to change her life, too. She told us: “I prayed before I went to bed. At first I felt funny, but then came relief. I thanked God for my family and friends and asked Him to watch over them. I became softer. I started treating people better and accepting them like I am accepting myself.”

Valentina wanted to start reading the Bible so we sent one to her. A bit later, our volunteer received a message with a photo of Valentina holding her Bible: “I am excited. Thank you. My life changed. I will take care of it, I feel like it’s living.” Since then, Valentina has been reading the Bible and talking to God on a daily basis. God is healing her past and releasing her from guilt and shame.

Please pray for Valentina to continue knowing more and more freedom in Christ. Pray also for our volunteers who share Jesus online every day, with people searching for answers and hope.


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