Many people struggle – metaphorically and literally – with their own demons. This graphic video was created specifically for those struggling with idol worship, witchcraft and ancestor worship, and tells the story of the true power of Jesus to cast out demons and release people from bondage.  Falling under the horror genre, this short film […]

The ‘Talking Jesus 2022’ report was released in the UK recently. It highlights important and impactful data that will benefit CV, CV’s partnerships, and the Church in general. The report analyses faith in the UK – how people came to faith in Jesus, and how the Church can evangelise more effectively with those in the […]

This inspiring video from our Brazil team tells the story of the prodigal son from a different perspective. Here we see two sons, both lost in different ways, and how their return to the family was cause for celebration – thanks to the unconditional love of their father.  God’s love is also unconditional and endless […]

Congregation leaders and pastors from many churches across Western Nepal gathered at the Leadership Training Centre recently to participate in a session on digital evangelism. With a focus on church connections and partnerships, CV’s strategy to introduce people to Jesus in Nepal was outlined and, as a result, more than 100 new church connections were […]

This month has seen millions of active believers around the world praying, caring, and sharing as part of Global Outreach Month (GO Month).  GO Month is an initiative of one of CV’s global partners, the GO Movement, which is a united and collaborative effort between multiple denominations and ministries that aims to mobilise and equip […]

Have you heard about CV’s initiative yesHEis? yesHEis is a global community of more than four million young adults who are changing the culture of evangelism. The initiative equips young adult Christians to confidently share Jesus with anyone in their world. It provides them with shareable evangelistic videos and training content that will inspire them […]

In the month of May, CV’s prayer focus is kingdom relationships. In this thoughtful and encouraging CV Prayer video interview, Heinz and Oliver, CV Directors, discuss why it is so important to establish Godly partnerships.  Heinz and Oliver start an excellent conversation about how there is honour within partnerships – recognising that we are all […]

CV Ressources existe pour fournir des ressources de calibre mondial aux églises et aux chrétiens du monde entier. Dans un nouveau partenariat passionnant avec Angel Studios, les 8 épisodes de la saison 1 de The Chosen sont maintenant disponibles pour les abonnés de CV Ressources. The Chosen est la toute première série multi-saisons sur la […]

The National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) partners with local churches and pioneers to impact nations for Christ through conventional and digital evangelism and discipleship, resulting in the establishment of sustainable, locally-run churches. One NPI project operates in crisis-torn Venezuela. CV’s on-the-ground pioneer and project leader there, had the following to say about 2021: More than ever […]

This month, the CV Prayer community is focused on the unfolding situation in Ukraine; carrying our team members there in prayer and bringing the socio-political situation to God. Most of the people in the country of Ukraine never believed war was going to happen, but recently we’ve seen heartbreaking images and heard stories of suffering […]