A CV pioneer from the National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) in Sri Lanka recently shared this story of a transformed family.

Our pioneer met a woman who was preparing to leave her home and children because her husband had become an alcoholic. Her educated and once employed husband would say he was off to work every morning only to return inebriated every afternoon.

The husband, who had become physically and financially abusive, was being delivered home daily by people who would find him passed out on the side of the road. 

The pioneer prayed for the family. One week later, he was in the family home sharing the gospel which the husband received with an open heart. Shortly after, there was significant improvement in the man’s life.

Through prayer, he received deliverance from evil thoughts of taking a knife to his wife. He also successfully interviewed and was offered a good job. The man now says he has peace in his life and wants to continue in his journey with the Lord. The family has been restored. 

All honour and glory to God forever and ever! Timothy 1:17


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