We feel happy, we feel sad. We feel angry, we feel calm. We feel optimistic, we feel pessimistic. Feelings are a rudderless ship in a turbulent sea that can change with life’s everyday circumstance.

Of course, it’s great when we have good feelings and horrible when we have bad ones; but we cannot rely on our feelings for, if we do, we will not be able to steer a straight path. Instead, we will be at the whim of circumstance and of what anybody says or does. I have read recent stories of people who have taken their lives over what other people have said about them or because their public image has become so important to them that they cannot bear to be unpopular.

Faith is the rock upon which we stand. Faith is the autopilot in the turbulent sea. Faith works to steer our lives on the perfect path God has for us. Faith weathers the storm and brings us safely to our destination. Without faith, the Bible says it is impossible to please God. We should, therefore, have unshakeable faith in the fact that God loves us, has a plan for our lives, and is with us. With such faith we will not succumb to circumstance and we will be more than over-comers.

How do we get such faith? There are some people in life who I trust and there are others who I don’t. You gain trust by knowing a person because you wouldn’t trust a total stranger. You gain trust by experience and proof the person was always true to their word.

Trust is the currency of business transactions and personal relationships. So, we gain faith by knowing Jesus, knowing that he is true to his word, knowing that he never fails, and knowing that he always wants the best for us. With such faith, we can stand steadfast despite our feelings.


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