Faith and Connection: Middle East

Sawt is a website that seeks to engage Arab Middle Eastern atheists, agnostics and thinkers with the Christian faith, in a logical and reasoned way.

Adem*, a non-Christian Middle Eastern man, contacted us via Sawt to share his thoughts and questions regarding faith and religion. He asked us many questions, and expressed an interest in learning more about Christianity.

We continue to communicate with Adem regularly to discuss his journey, answer his questions and lead him to Jesus. He knows that we are here for him and that we will support him. We believe that Adem will ultimately accept Jesus as his saviour and find peace.

Please pray with us for Adem’s salvation.

Maleek* from the Middle East also contacted us via Sawt, asking for help to join a church or Christian group as he had recently accepted Jesus as his saviour. We helped him to connect with an online Christian group, as this allowed him to be discreet whilst connecting with fellow believers.

We have stayed in contact with Maleek and we continue to provide him with support and guidance. It has been a wonderful experience to help a new believer to connect with other Christians and to help cement his faith.

Please pray that Maleek would continue to grow in his faith and relationship with Jesus.


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