Faith Against the Odds

Benjamin* is a young man who grew up in a strict Islamic family. His youth was spent reading and writing the Quran, and praying to Allah. Benjamin was an excellent student and dreamed of enrolling in college. However, his parents forbade this as they viewed secular teachings as being for heathen unbelievers. They ordered Benjamin to dedicate his life to being a madrassah teacher.

Benjamin reluctantly followed his parents’ wishes for five years, but he was unsatisfied and unfulfilled. One day he decided to run away and was taken in by an acquaintance, Hassan*. Hassan shared with Benjamin about his life and his relationship with God. He credited Jesus Christ with his success and his peace. He told Benjamin how his saviour guides him in everything, even in the afterlife.

Hassan spent five days teaching Benjamin about God, the Bible and salvation. Benjamin then accepted Jesus Christ into his life and soon after was baptised. Benjamin now prays (and asks for us all to pray with him) for his parents and siblings to find salvation in Christ.


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