CV has recently partnered with some church leaders in South Asia on an incredible project that has a vision to plant churches on every street in all of the region’s villages.

Local pastors take surveys and then ‘adopt’ the villages that they will focus on to plant churches, house churches, or prayer fellowships.

This digitised survey and adoption strategy has been updated and transformed from a time consuming and expensive three week process – into one that takes just three hours.

Although this process has made things a lot easier in some ways, these incredible people continue to need prayer and support.  

During October, some of these pastors gathered to survey and adopt churches in their neighbourhood villages. The meeting had to be postponed twice, as there was persecution in the local communities. 

Some political leaders threatened to imprison these pastors during the Sunday service, however, they never gave up. Their perseverance meant the gathering was eventually able to take place and the team surveyed all 213 villages in the block. As a result, 36 of these villages were adopted!

CV’s aim is to continue working with these teams to survey 3000 villages by December this year. What an incredible goal.


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