Empowering Digital Ministry

One of CV’s church partners, the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), recently organised a three-day conference called ‘Fulfilling the Church Mission: Digital Strategies’.

The conference aimed to equip church and ministry leaders with the necessary knowledge and tools to grow their churches using proven digital methods. 

At the conference, CV Managing Director, Heinz Oldewage, and Ryneil Muthusami, Marketing Manager for the Africa and Middle East team, had the opportunity to share their valuable insight and experience. 

Heinz focused on the concept of the digital church and its potential impact. He highlighted several benefits of embracing digital platforms for church activities. 

“One major advantage is the breakdown of physical barriers associated with attending a traditional church,” he said. “Through digital churches, people can access services and teachings from anywhere, thereby making them more inclusive and accessible to a broader audience.” 

Digital platforms provide a comfortable space for individuals to ask questions and engage in open discussions, fostering a deeper relationship with God. 

Ryniel delved into the topic of digital evangelism, particularly emphasising the significance of implementing it at scale. He explained that digital evangelism involved utilising various online tools and strategies to reach a wide audience with the message of the gospel. 

Furthermore, he discussed the pathway that digital content and interaction should follow to effectively engage with people. This pathway included careful consideration of the content’s relevance, format, and delivery method to ensure maximum impact. 

Finally, Ryniel highlighted the importance of data usage, protection, and management in digital evangelism. 

“With the increasing reliance on technology, it’s crucial to handle data responsibly and to respect privacy,” he said. “Like all organisations that work with data, CV prioritises data protection measures to ensure that information remains secure while utilising digital platforms for evangelistic purposes.

“As technology continues to shape our world, embracing digital strategies in church missions is increasingly vital. Through digital evangelism, the message of Jesus’ love and salvation can reach those who may not have otherwise been reached, especially unreached people groups.” 

CV has a longstanding partnership with the RCCG and has participated in events and conferences in the past. The CV team is honoured to continue encouraging ministry leaders in mobilising the Church in digital evangelism.


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