Conference Equips Youth Leaders

The CV Latin America team recently participated in the event El Futuro Es (The Future Is), a three-day conference all about youth leadership and equipping young people for a future in ministry, which has been running for 11 years. The event took place in Bogota, Colombia and brought together more than 5,000 leaders representing 21 countries and 300 cities.

For the first time, the Latin America team represented CVCLAVOZ, yesHEis and CV Outreach, which gave them the chance to explain how their tools mobilise thousands of young people to share their faith and spread the Gospel every year. The team found it important to participate because the work of CV impacts the lives of young people with the Gospel daily.

The slogan ‘The Future Is’ was chosen because everything was centred around the question, ‘What do you contribute to the future?’ This question sparked interesting discussions and thought-provoking talks.

The Latin America team got to record a Gospel presentation with well-known influential people in English, Spanish and Portuguese, among other languages. They were also able to produce new content for their digital platforms.

The team was very happy to share their projects and resources with the large audience at the conference. They hope that some of the visitors start to use CV resources to reach their non-Christian friends and family, or even recommend them to others.

Please pray for youth leaders around the world, that they would find the right resources to reach the younger generations in their community with the message of salvation.


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