The Miracle in Sesurai : East Timor


We are continuously encouraged by the miracles God is??doing in East Timor as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is reaching people through our many pioneers positioned there. Here is one particular testimony that shows the extent of God???s healing hand.

In the small village of Sesurai, a woman lay bedridden. Her illness had??prevented her from walking for 6 years, something she wished??to be able to do once more. Her relatives had already done all??they could, including??seeking aid from the local witchdoctors and??using traditional medicine. Nothing was working. However, hope was not lost; all it was going to take was a little bit of faith.

The family put their prejudices aside and went??to our national pastor for help. He responded with a challenge; that they bring her to the church. They agreed.

So there the woman laid, sick on a mat surrounded by her relatives and a pastor in a building that was extremely??foreign to her and her family. Other church workers came together to join the pastor in prayer. The relatives waited anxiously.

Then… something incredible??happened.

The woman felt something change within her as well as??a calling to stand up on her feet. Struggling little by little, the woman stood up. Disbelief was written across??her relatives’ faces. It was a??miracle!

While the woman’s??legs were strengthened miraculously that day, everyone’s faith in Christ was also strengthened. Finally the woman and her family??surrendered their lives to Jesus. Praise be to God!


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