Desperate Man Finds Hope: India

Sanchit* is desperate for God’s intervention. He has suffered a severe loss in his entrepreneurial business. To add to his concern, his two-year-old son is unable to speak or stand. He was devastated and planned to run away from his home and family.

Sanchit contacted us through Nayi Manzil, one of the India team’s digital evangelism projects. He would contact us almost every day wanting to know how to pray, and how to live a Christian life. Our response team encouraged him to continue trusting God. We gave scripture references of God’s promises, and provided prayer support.

Although his problems still remain, Sanchit now believes that Jesus will bring him out of his mess one day.

Please pray for Sanchit’s child, who is 2 years old and is not able to speak or stand. Pray that this man will find a good job with which he can support the family and pay out his debts. Pray also for the salvation of his family members – as yet, he is the only one who has come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ.


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