Demons Flee: Impact East Timor

My wife and I are NPI pastoral successors in East Timor. Recently, while returning from the funeral of my wife’s father at around 9pm, we were driving through a small town when a group of teenagers stopped to ask us for help.

They were desperate because one of their friends was possessed by an evil spirit, right there on the road. The girl struggled while the teens tried to hold her still. They wanted us to help by taking her back home, but we said we would pray for her first.

We began the spiritual battle for her liberation in prayer. Thank God, in less than five minutes the unclean spirit left the girl, who immediately recovered her senses. After urging her to surrender completely to Jesus and always rebuke in Jesus name the evil spirit when it tries to take control over her again, we let her go.

The boys thanked us very much and went back to their houses relieved. We are sure that they will spread this story in their little town, and the name of the Lord Jesus will be glorified.

Please pray that the girl will remain free in Christ and that her testimony will speak to many.


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