CVCLAVOZ Celebrates 20 Years: Latin America

When Christian Vision started the Voz Christiana Project, the goal was to proclaim the message of salvation through Jesus using the radio, because it could overcome distance barriers. Since 1998, when Voz Cristiana was officially inaugurated, each of our achievements came hand in hand with new challenges we had to face. Many feared that the arrival of online radio would mean the end of AM and FM radios, but time told us our program will not disappear, it only renews itself.

This inspired us to change the program???s name to CVCLAVOZ and use new platforms to transmit our content. We started working on a dynamic web page to create a platform not just to distribute the radio shows but also to offer extra content tor our audience.

Years went by and we launched a free app for mobile phones to give users more options and connect them to a variety of useful information.

Today, we are producing content for our radio shows, exclusive interviews, work on our web page, produce free devotionals, podcasts, videos, social campaigns and even make visual programs too.

This year we celebrate our 20th birthday. Twenty years of constant renovation and change. Two decades, in which we have given the best of ourselves to be able to reach more and more people with the salvation message from Jesus.

We had ups and downs but learnt from our mistakes and now can step towards the future with hope. Our view is focused on our main goal and we completely trust that God will help us to continue working for Him.

The same way we see Him act every day in our team, in their personal lives and in their career performances, we would like our audience to get to know Jesus in a more personal way and truly experience Him in their lives. We believe these 20 years of work are only the beginning of what God has chosen to do through us.

Please pray for CVCLAVOZ, that we will continue to reach people with the gospel and advance God???s kingdom.


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