CV Outreach Partner Cares for Community

One of our CV Outreach partner churches in North America has been welcoming large numbers of people who responded to our Introduction to Jesus campaigns.

The church, led by Pastor J, has used conversation, counselling and compassion to help these newcomers connect to Christ. Through one of the outreach initiatives, his church was able to provide marriage counselling to 18 couples! 

Of working with CV Outreach, Pastor J said: “It is very encouraging that you and the CV team take the time to speak to local pastors and give a chance for us to tell you what we are seeing locally. The tool that you created has been a vital asset to us…and honestly, we have never had so much connection with our surrounding community. I relate this connection directly to the CV Outreach tool, and the commitment our team has [to]…intentionally making connections with seekers.”

Pastor J also described how his church works with the people they connect with through CV: “We have conversations over the phone or over a cup of coffee, where typically a relationship is formed and the seeker is invited to join one of our POD groups (small Bible study groups). These PODs were actually formed around the trends in the general subjects/pain points from the CV Outreach connections we were getting in our community.”

Pastor J’s church now has 25 weekly or bi-weekly POD group meetings and they cover many areas including: Dealing with Grief, Understanding Faith, Empowerment and Overcoming Depression.

The care and compassion that Pastor J and his church have extended to each and every CV Outreach connection is inspiring and heartwarming. Our partnerships with churches allows us to extend our reach and to bring Jesus into more hearts and lives. #introducejesus


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