CV Outreach Launches in Kenya: Africa

For a long time, we have prayed for an open door for sustained online evangelism into Kenya. This month, God opened that door for us through the CV Outreach program.

Kenya has a reputation as the African country with a particularly vibrant church community and a heart for evangelism. Praise God that, through the CV Outreach program, three of our church partners’ landing pages went live with many more still in the process. Responses from people seeking God have already been received by these local churches and a number of pastors have expressed their excitement at the prospect of becoming part of the program.

This open door is already providing a platform for our community team to highlight other valuable CV initiatives to these partners, and we ‘re trusting for this to be a springboard from which we can launch an impactful presence in such a blessed country!

Please pray for our partner churches in Kenya and for the respondents that will be reaching out to them through the landing pages on church websites. Pray that this initiative will open doors for other CV platforms and products to help better equip the local churches to reach the lost through online evangelism.


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