CV Brazil presents at Consciência Cristã

CV Brazil is on a mission to bring the gospel of Christ to a wider audience through digital evangelism. 

In February 2023, some of the team were given the opportunity to attend the 25th ‘Consciência Cristã’, an annual Christian event that brought together many renowned theological names. 

With more than 15,000 attendees, the event was the perfect place to showcase CV’s expertise in digital marketing for churches.

During the event, CV Brazil conducted a workshop on the fundamentals of digital marketing, social media strategies, and paid traffic tips for churches. 

The workshop was broadcast online, reaching many more people outside of the event. 

One of the churches that participated online was a CV Outreach partner, whose pastor’s daughter shared how the workshop transformed their social media approach.

She explained how the workshop taught her that creating content is more important than just sharing the church calendar. 

Additionally, it taught her how digital tools can benefit the church and its community. She said the workshop was an eye-opener that prompted them to make significant changes to their social media planning.

Through dedication to promoting digital evangelism, CV is helping churches expand their reach and bring people closer to faith. Their efforts are transforming the way churches share the message of Jesus Christ and creating a meaningful impact on communities.


Our content can support your church or organisation with more effective evangelism and discipleship strategies.