We are a group of people passionate about evangelism. With teams in Australia, Indonesia, China, India, Philippines, Korea, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, we oversee the following activities and projects.

What we do

yesHEis is more than just a Christian-video-sharing tool. yesHEis is changing the culture...

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East Timor

CV projects in East Timor include the nation’s most popular private radio...

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NPI: Uniquely effective.

The National Pioneers Initiative is not your average church-planting project. Set apart...

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News & Articles
7 Days With Jesus Campaign : China

Our CV China Easter campaign was our April highlight. The campaign “Exciting 7 Days With Jesus” aimed to help people find the true meaning of Easter. The videos we created were entirely focused on Jesus, sharing what he taught when he walked this earth 2000 years ago, and prompting viewers to think about how we

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Portrait Series to Reach Young People : China
Portrait Series to Reach Young People : China

There are many pressures on young adults in China as they graduate from university and search for jobs, navigate relationships, and strive to achieve what society considers success. Many students accept the Gospel and grow up attending bible studies while at university. Often, when those students graduate, their lives start to change, even to the

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Content Manager (Bangalore)India

Manage the content requirements of an active community of Christians and Churches engaged in online

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通过创意媒体激发、鼓励人们并将他们引向耶稣 我们正在寻求一位有艺术天赋、充满活力并会流利使用中英文的领导者,审核中国在线福音平台上媒体内容的创建及外部资源的整合。其他职责还包括管理内容制作、组织团队、审查视频内容的表现、提供报告、培训和指导新的内容制作人,以及在有限时间和预算内计划、管理和执行项目。保持最新的版权和知识产权相关法律的知识和理解也是该角色的一个重要内容。如果你有热情向这一代人传播福音的话,请用此电邮和我们联系 china@cvglobal.co 我们会为你提供该职位的更详细的资料。

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Community RepresentativeIndia

Assist in building positive relationships with key stakeholders throughout India. We are seeking passionate and

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Marketing Specialist (Bangalore)India

Implement communication and marketing strategy in India according to CV’s mission and vision. Support the

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Senior Video Editor (Bangalore)India

Work with our content team in editing and producing life-changing videos. We are seeking a

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Content Producer (Bangalore)India

Produce inspiring media content that reaches people with the message of Jesus. We are seeking

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Finance Manager (Bangalore)India

Supervise Accounts and Administration This role involves the overall supervision of Accounts and Administration so

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