Community Impact : Latin America

community impact

We were blessed to receive the following messages from yesHEis users and CVCLAVOZ listeners throughout September. Each story reminds us of how our activities can achieve community impact in unique and timely ways.

Maricela* from Cuba wrote to our yesHEis team and said: “With tears in my eyes I write to you after watching your video titled, No te des por Vencida. It really touched me. What a blessing to be able to count on a God so good, so righteous and so loyal. Thank you so much for these videos because they really impact hearts with the truth of the Gospel, Jesus Christ “

Claudia* from Honduras wrote to our radio show, Promesas de Dios, and said: “I had been praying for some time for a job for my daughter. You said in the show that day that the job you have been waiting for is coming to be. Praise God, my daughter is now a prosecutor! Hallelujah! When He promises something, He makes it happen.”

Sophia* wrote to our other radio show, Pildoritas y Reflexiones, saying: “Hello Norma. Every time my strength is failing I decide to listen to your show. It’s been almost ten years now, and I thank God because the shows I watch have always been a blessing for my life, my family and even for my friends, whom I have invited to listen. Some of them don’t know God.

Two years ago, my family had a severe automobile accident that hospitalised both of my parents. Through those difficult nights, your shows provided great company. You strengthened our hearts. It is a difficult trial we are going through but God is, and always will be, by our side. In fact, this situation has done nothing but help our faith grow even stronger. He has used the CVCLAVOZ shows time and time again to uplift us and give us the Word we needed most.”

Isabella* wrote to our response team and said that she was very grateful for our words and prayers. She was struggling financially, with bills piling up and no means to pay for water or electricity. It brought her to tears until she remembered the verse our response team sent her: Matthew 6:26. She then said out aloud: “If God takes care of even the little birds, I, His daughter, will never be forsaken.” A few days later, Isabella’s prayers were answered and she was able to pay her debts.

Please pray for the families that were affected by the recent hurricane in places like The Keys in Florida and islands like Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda. We would also like to thank God because He has kept us safe during Hurricane Irma. He has taken care of us, of our properties and also the CV facilities. Please also pray for Mexico as they have suffered a terrible category 7.1 earthquake, bringing numerous human casualties among many other losses.

Please pray that CV will continue to see community impact throughout Latin America via our activities such as CVCLAVOZ and yesHEis.


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