Church Equipped to Reach People for Christ : North America

reach people for Christ

CV Outreach is an effective church mission strategy that enables us to equip many churches with tools to reach people for Christ, using landing pages and Google Adwords grants.

This initiative involves partnering with Kingdom-minded churches from across the nation in order to present the Gospel to people who are searching for answers.??This past December, one of our church partners in South Carolina shared a story with us of how CV Outreach helped them connect with a young man nearby.

Tyler* is a 26-year-old man that googled something about prayer and, through CV Outreach, sent a question to one of the church staff members at Beech Springs Church. Doug is responsible for responding to all of the CV Outreach emails at Beech Springs, and we are told that he absolutely loves this responsibility. Whenever he gets a new email from an online seeker, he prays and asks for God to help him find the words to say as a response.

Doug and Tyler connected online and eventually Doug invited Tyler to visit his church. Tyler lives 40 miles away but, because of the personal connection made, he decided to make the commute and visit a Sunday service.

Beech Springs was happy to share with us that Tyler has not only visited the church but decided to attend one of the new member meetings after service.

Please pray for Tyler???s connection to church, and for all of the other connections that are happening each month through CV Outreach campaigns. Pray that many would find Jesus and be connected to a local church.


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