New Look 1Africa Website

CV’s 1Africa platform was recently given an exciting update – but this involves much more than just a lick of new paint.

Given challenges around data cost and connection speeds in some parts of Africa, this platform remains an important avenue for us to share the Good News about Jesus in text format with people who would not otherwise be exposed to the Gospel. On a continent where many people do not have access to reliable and affordable data in order to consume video content, text remains one of the best ways to reach people seeking for answers to life’s deepest questions. With this in mind, we set out to build a new version of the site that is even faster and lighter on data, making it easily accessible to data-sensitive seekers in parts of Africa.

With explorers as far afield as Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Tanzania engaging with evangelistic content on the platform, we’re praying that this new update will be much more than just a technical one: We’re praying that many more people would be exposed to the life-changing truth of the Gospel than ever before!



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