The Marketing Manager is responsible for supporting the Country Manager as required within the framework of CV’s vision and mission, by carrying out daily duties as the Marketing Manager. The major focus of this position is on the promotion and advancement of CV initiatives within the country.

Specific Responsibilities

  • To set annual marketing plans and budgets in line with project guidelines.
  • To be responsible for the implementation, management and protection of the CV brands for all internal and external use.
  • To develop marketing and communications strategies for all CV initiatives and tools in line with global guidelines and work with the global marketing product teams to develop new or culturally relevant strategies and tools.
  • To develop and manage engagement, advertising and promotional campaigns across digital, search, social and traditional media platforms and tools in line with global guidelines.
  • To manage CV representation at events, including sponsorship.
  • To work with region and country-based community teams to ensure business and marketing goals are achieved, particularly in the areas of social media engagement, partnerships, and promotional activities.
  • To work with CV content teams to inform content development by advocating market needs based on quantitative and qualitative research.
  • To evaluate and report on the performance of projects, campaigns, and activities.
  • To undertake, interpret and report on market research campaigns, including facilitating surveys and focus groups.
  • To manage schedules of internal and external teams including resources to achieve required outcomes according to deadlines.
  • To travel as required, both domestically and internationally.

 General Responsibilities

Fulfil other duties, as common to all employees and as directed, within parameters outlined in both the mission and vision statements. This includes:

  • To pro-actively maintain a positive attitude.
  • To adhere to all regulations, CV policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • To attend all required general staff and team meetings.
  • To undertake professional development as required.
  • To adhere to all occupational health and safety requirements of CV.
  • To keep confidential the affairs of CV and its employees.
  • To represent CV in a positive manner.
  • To maintain appropriate licences, as required.
  • To keep abreast of latest methods and technologies.

Essential Skills/ Experience/ Education

  • Excellent command of the English language both spoken and written.
  • Minimum 4 year university degree.
  • Minimum 5 years experience in Marketing or related position
  • Experience working with internationally-based organizations an advantage.