Community Manager

To assist the Country Manager in managing the Community Team who promote CV initiatives in various communities and online, with the assistance of the Marketing Manager within the framework of CV mission & CV vision statement.

Essential Responsibilities 

  • To assist the Country Manager / Director to develop and implement the strategy for community engagement.
  • To collaborate with the Marketing Manager and Content Manager to implement engagement activities.
  • To identify and engage key influencers and individuals to leverage engagement.
  • To increase networking opportunities in support of goals for community engagement.
  • To clearly communicate the vision and mission to external ministries, partners, para-church organisations, churches, and community groups.
  • To manage schedules, shifts and relevant staff leave to achieve required outcomes according to deadlines.
  • To organize and implement follow-up procedures for user questions, enquiries, and issues.
  • To identify, analyze, and synthesize data related to user engagement.
  • To adhere to relevant privacy requirements when maintaining and distributing database of contacts.
  • To assist the Content Manager to moderate and review content.
  • To develop partnerships to resource user follow-up activities.
  • To provide training and coaching for staff.
  • To manage schedules and resources to achieve required outcomes according to deadlines.

General Responsibilities

Fulfill other duties, as common to all employees and as directed, within parameters outlined in both the mission and vision statements. This includes:

  • To pro-actively maintain a positive attitude.
  • To adhere to all regulations, CV policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • To attend all required general staff and team meetings.
  • To undertake professional development as required.
  • To adhere to all occupational health and safety requirements of CV.
  • To keep confidential the affairs of CV and its employees.
  • To represent CV in a positive manner.
  • To maintain appropriate licences, as required.
  • To keep abreast of latest methods and technologies.

Essential Skills/ Experience/ Education

  • Bachelor degree or higher
  • Excellent people management skills.
  • Good command of the English language both spoken and written.