Communications Manager

Communications Manager

Job Title: Communications Manager

Contract: Full Time

Reporting to: Regional Director

Location: Solihull, United Kingdom


About Us

CV is an international charity based in the United Kingdom. It was founded by Lord Edmiston in 1988, with a vision to engage in global evangelism and Christian ministry around the world, in order to reach one billion people with a clear opportunity for them to choose personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Job Overview

The Communications Manager assumes responsibility for internal and external communications on a regional level. Externally, the role is responsible for maintaining the integrity and consistency of the corporate brand and messaging, as well as ensuring the effective publication of content targeted at an audience of churches and ministries. Internally, the Communications Manager is responsible for facilitating information sharing, engagement and culture-building across the region, and as part of the global team.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Creation of annual communications plans and related strategies to outwork the organisation’s objectives.
  • Project management of communications initiatives, including stakeholder engagement, art direction, managing deadlines, facilitating collaboration between teams, effective communication of objectives and expectations, and reporting to leadership.
  • Extensive internal networking to build functional relationships and trust across the organisation, at all levels, and to keep stakeholders informed and engaged.
  • Executive-level reporting on a weekly, quarterly and as-needed.
  • Overseeing a team of communications specialists, ensuring the accurate and timely delivery of tasks, trouble-shooting blockers, and providing training, mentoring and development as needed.
  • Writing and publication of corporate communications resources for external audiences, such as brochures, websites and event promotions.
  • Overseeing a monthly content cycle to ensure the publication of on-brand and effective communications across multiple platforms, including website, social media, and internal channels.
  • Hold ownership of and responsibility for external-facing communications platforms in the corporate brand, including social media sites, websites and YouTube.
  • Oversee the creation and implementation of a PR strategy that positions CV as a recognised and credible leader in the field of digital evangelism and missions.
  • Writing and distribution of internal corporate communications, keeping staff informed and engaged with organisational changes and updates in a strategically effective manner.
  • Support CV teams with communications resources that enable staff to represent the organisation effectively.

General Responsibilities

Fulfil other duties, as common to all employees and as directed, within parameters outlined in both the mission and vision statements. This includes:

  • To be available for personal and spiritual growth opportunities.
  • To pro-actively maintain a positive attitude.
  • To adhere to all regulations, CV policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • To attend all required general staff and team meetings.
  • To undertake professional development as required.
  • To adhere to all occupational health and safety requirements of CV.
  • To keep confidential the affairs of CV and its employees.
  • To represent CV in a positive manner.
  • To maintain appropriate licences, as required.
  • To keep abreast of the latest methods and technologies.

Skills/ Experience/ Education

  • Demonstrated leadership capabilities in line with CV’s Leadership Competency Framework, and a demonstrated attitude of willingness to engage in continued personal development within the required competencies. Competencies include developing and delivering strategies, managing self and others, and multiplying influence, all outworked through CV’s core values.
  • Significant experience in the ability to lead, manage and work collaboratively in a team environment, contribute to and encourage a culture of teamwork and service delivery.
  • Excellent command of the English language, both spoken and written.
  • Demonstrated ability to write in the voice of a corporate identity and specific individuals.
  • Experience working with global organisations.
  • Tertiary qualifications in communications, PR, journalism or related discipline.