Campaign Leads Many to Share their Faith with Family: China


Many Christians in China have difficulty sharing their faith and encounter many problems when they try to do so. This is especially true when sharing with close friends or family. Consequently, they back off, get frustrated, and blame themselves for not doing well.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up, with the main focus of the festival being on family. In preparation for the festival, yesHEis launched an evangelistic WeChat campaign with the main goal of mobilising Christians to share the Gospel when they get together with their families during the festival.

Participants filled out a questionnaire asking who they plan to share their faith with and the reasons why they haven’t been able to so far. We also asked for the contact details of the specific people they wanted to share their faith with. In addition, we invited a few participants for an on-site interview, and filmed their faith-sharing stories.

With the contact information we obtained, we called the identified people and shared about Jesus with them, while filming the process. Surprisingly, the majority of them were very open to listening. We then showed these videos to the interviewees live during recording, to encourage them by showing that sharing their faith with their families is possible.

In total, we received 108 questionnaires, made 56 phone calls, and released a 7-minute video that included multiple testimonies two days before the festival. The video was viewed 14,000 times and many people sent positive comments, saying they are greatly inspired and will share their faith with their families right away!

Please pray that God will strengthen His children in trust and boldness and encourage them to share their faith with their families. Pray that God may use yesHEis and bless our work so that more Christians are inspired to share Jesus.


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