The Blood

I am one of those people who is very squeamish about giving blood. There is something about having needles pushed into my body that I really don’t enjoy! But I accept that sometimes blood tests are necessary. It wasn’t until recent generations that doctors realised that you can tell a lot from someone’s blood. The Bible knew that all along; citing blood as the life in the body. You see, the blood carries oxygen around your body, without which you cannot live. It carries all kinds of markers that tell if there are signs of cancer and other diseases. The blood also carries contaminants out of your body which are filtered through the various organs, as well as transporting nutrients. Blood has the power to heal a cut by forming a scab, blood can reproduce itself and blood tells of our DNA, origins and family ancestry. 

Jesus said that as we take the bread and the wine, the wine reminds us of his blood and that cleanses us from all unrighteousness. What a picture that is, of human blood transporting contaminants out of the body at a time when they had no understanding of the workings of the body. When we accept Jesus and partake of the bread and wine, we figuratively ingest his blood and we become part of his body. His life blood is flowing through our veins, cleansing us in a spiritual sense. The blood of Jesus heals, cleanses and reproduces Christ in us.

 I am captivated by the thought that we now have a divine DNA. Our bloodline leads right through to the son of God. We are God’s children. When we partake of the bread and wine in a spiritual sense, we are reaffirming that it is his blood, his DNA, that is at work in our lives.


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