Becoming Martha

I recently met a young Christian man who was amazingly honest. He said that, as a young person, he became addicted to computer games. He knew that addictions to drugs, alcohol and pornography were wrong, but playing computer games was never mentioned as being wrong and, of course, it isn???t. However, when something becomes an addiction, then it is wrong. He also told me that once you develop an addictive personality, it can morph into other forms of addiction.

He has occasionally spoken about this subject and numerous parents have come to ask him for help and advice for their own children. How insidious it is, that the devil takes that which is seemingly harmless, and sometimes apparently good, and uses it against us.

In the case of Martha, she was doing something good. She was working, trying to make food and provide hospitality to her guests, yet Jesus commended Mary for just sitting and listening (Luke 10:38-42). People have sometimes used this scripture to justify inactivity. However, my take on it is that God wants us to work – particularly when we are working for Him – but when He is speaking to us, it???s time for us to sit quiet and listen.

I have noticed how easy it is that things which are good and right can develop to such an extent that they become an obstacle to our walk with God. In particular, our use of modern technology can become compulsive; that the first thing we do every morning is look at emails and social media. You may intend to take just a quick glance prior to having your quiet time, but then you???re hooked by something you read and before you know it, you???re sucked in.

CV as a ministry use social media as a means to minister, and yet we must not allow anything to rob us of our time listening to and talking to God.


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