Prabodh* is one of the Rohingya people regarded as an illegal immigrant by the Myanmar government. Because of racial and religious discrimination, many of his family members have fled to Bangladesh. He secretly kept a Bangladeshi phone to stay in touch with them. A CV carer visited the village Prabodh lived in every week and […]

Akar* and his wife Marlar* were farmers. Akar suffered from terrible knee pain for a long time. He was unable to work because he could hardly walk. One day one of our local Pioneers came to visit the farmer couple. The Pioneer shared the Gospel with both of them. She told them about how powerful […]

Maya* recently moved to the area that NPI pioneer Philip lives in. After getting to know each other, Philip started to come over to Maya???s house to have fellowship with her. He shared the gospel with Maya, but the women never seemed to come to know Christ, despite hearing the good news. One day, Maya […]

Shindy* grew up in a Christian family, but never really engaged in the faith of her upbringing. She didn???t attend church or read the Bible and also didn???t pray. No one made an effort to share the Gospel with her for 16 years. One day she got anxious about what would happen to her after […]

Mrs Lin* is an unbeliever who has a lot of difficulties in her life and in her family as well. Being uneducated, she earns her family’s survival by washing clothes and serving other households in whatever they need. She wanted her children to be educated (one of her daughters has a matriculation exam this year) […]