Our yesHEis Community Team for New Zealand received a message from a young Christian, who was looking for help with their Bible study. Our team asked if they were connected to a church, so they could study the Bible together with others of their age group but, to our surprise, they answered: “I’m only 13 […]

Lucas* reached out to our yesHEis team through the chat feature in the yesHEis app. He wanted to know what fasting was. Our team member connected with him to answer his question. During their conversation, Lucas said: “I always wonder how to start a conversation about Jesus and to not worry about what others think […]


A young woman reached out to our Australia team via the Jesus Bot on Facebook, because she wanted to share her faith with others. She was curious about the yesHEis app and wanted to know if it could help her to tell others about Jesus. We shared a video from the app with her, to […]

Jack* reached out to us via the yesHEis app. He was in a very bad place because his wife had left him for another man. He said things like “I have lost all hope” and “God wasn’t on my side”. A CV team member shared with Jack about God’s heart and told him about Jesus. […]

In online conversations, the yesHEis team regularly hears from people we have spoken to two or more years ago. People usually just want to say hello or update us on the progress they have made. Unfortunately, sometimes we talk to someone who is very aggressive or insults us. A young man back in 2016 started […]

Mason* was homeless and struggled with an alcohol addiction. After he experienced the death of a family member, his situation became even worse. Through a conversation in the yesHEis app, Mason could connect to us at CV New Zealand. Our conversation started off with Mason saying things like “It’s like I’m lost, disconnected, everything is […]

Isla* attended a Latter-Day Saints church with her family, but simply attending didn’t satisfy her curiosity. She wanted to know more about the bible and specifically about Jesus’ death on the cross. Isla contacted the CV New Zealand team and we got to help her to better understand her faith. When we invited Isla to […]

Ronald* came in to chat with us via the Jesus Bot on Facebook and was pretty open about where he stood with God. He told us that he was getting sick, was stressed and needed mental therapy. In his words, he would “do anything to have a conversation with God. Just tell me how. I’m […]

Jonathan* was trapped in a dark and lonely place. He was addicted to drugs and sex, and felt depressed and suicidal. In the midst of his pain, Jonathan reached out to CV through the Jesus Bot on Facebook. Here, he asked to know more about Jesus, and what Jesus could do for him. Over a […]

One man has found restored hope and peace, after an in-app conversation with our yesHEis team. He initially wrote to us saying: “I have lost all hope… Have lost my wife to another man… And I felt God wasn’t on my side.” We were able to tell the man about the hope found in Jesus […]