Isa, a Muslim man who had come to accept Jesus as his saviour, contacted our CV Middle East team via SAWT Online. Isa expressed his desire to join a church or a discipleship group, so that he could be a more effective Christian and better know Jesus. To protect his privacy and security, our team […]

Ruhi*, a newcomer to Christ, reached out to our Middle East team via the yesHEis app. He wanted our help as he was struggling with prayer; unsure what to say and if God would even listen. Our yesHEis team spoke with Ruhi and explained that prayer is just about talking to God and that it’s […]

Sawt is a website that seeks to engage Arab Middle Eastern atheists, agnostics and thinkers with the Christian faith, in a logical and reasoned way. Adem*, a non-Christian Middle Eastern man, contacted us via Sawt to share his thoughts and questions regarding faith and religion. He asked us many questions, and expressed an interest in […]