One of the greatest joys of the National Pioneer’s Initiative (NPI) lies in recognising the impact that an outward-focused, evangelistic mindset has on the local church. When evangelism becomes the focus, the church itself is often revitalized and energized as a result. One of the sending congregations involved in our NPI on the island of […]

On CV Prayer we recognise that people all over the world experience struggle in many different areas of life; that’s why we take the time every Thursday to pray with and for people online. We believe that time spent in prayer is never wasted and are always grateful to receive testimonies of answers to prayer […]

The CV Africa team recently had the opportunity to spend time with our amazing pioneers on the island of Madagascar, visiting many fledgling churches and ministering to this fearless group of missionaries as they pursue our vision to impact this unique country. We were hugely encouraged by the fruit on their work and the clear […]

The Lifesaver, a short film about the true-life redemption story of one of Cape Town’s most notorious ex-convicts, offers a unique opportunity to reach out to inmates in various African countries. When Vuyo was a little boy, he dreamt of being a lifesaver. But as a young adult his life took a turn for the […]

It’s no secret that Africa faces unique technological constraints, requiring our team to be very creative in the way we share Gospel content. Last year, we experimented with longer-format videos we could distribute on African video-on-demand platforms, and this September we built on that momentum by releasing a new series of testimony videos called LIT […]

The 1Africa platform hosts thousands of blog articles covering a wide range of topics that explore issues of culture, faith and lifestyle in Africa. As we constantly sow ‘digital seeds ‘ of salvation through online blogs, it’s wonderful to receive daily interactions from explorers who hear the calling and reassurances of God. Earlier this month, […]

In the past few weeks, over 319 people have contacted the Africa team through the yesHEis app. One app user on his birthday discovered the greatest gift he could receive was learning how to share his faith online. David*, a bible school student, has been learning how to grow in his relationship with God and […]

It’s heartening when a CV Outreach partner sees the benefits of reaching the lost through online evangelism. Our partner church in Durbanville, South Africa, is just one of the churches that has come to this realisation. Currently there are 49 CV Outreach partner churches across South Africa who use the platform to introduce Jesus to […]

Over the past 24 years, Radio Christian Voice has established itself as the largest Christian radio station in Zambia, reaching people with the good news of Jesus daily. One of the most rewarding aspects of the work that we do at Radio Christian Voice is the privilege of leading many people to salvation. In the […]

Currently, at any given moment, there are roughly three billion people watching the Soccer World Cup. What an amazing opportunity to reach people as they celebrate and share their love for soccer! We ‘ve decided to run a World Cup campaign on our 1Africa platform in alignment with the 2018 Soccer World Cup. Our purpose […]