In a CV EUROPE Valentine’s day video, several couples, aged between 20 and 70-years-old,  share their thoughts on falling and staying in love with us. They talk about major barriers they encountered and how they have overcome them. Jesus plays a special roll in all of their relationships. Watch the video here.

People reach out to our online team every day, and there are three types of messages we receive frequently: Many people worry because they can’t feel God’s presence. They want to know more about Jesus and build a relationship with Him, but don’t know how. When a person is this new to Christianity, they often […]

Christian Vision UK was part of Europe’s leading annual exhibition of church-orientated resources, products and suppliers, Christian Resource Exhibition (CRE). CRE is a three-day-event with 200 exhibitors displaying an extensive range of books, music and other resources to buy, the latest multimedia equipment and expert advice on everything from heating to sound systems. CRE provides […]

Last year, we here at the UK office launched a new project called The Way, a YouTube channel that not only introduces young people to Jesus and the Christian way of living, but also encourages them to boldly share their faith. This new channel is meant to show others that being a Christian doesn’t mean […]

We recently had the privilege of taking part in a men’s conference, EXCEL, hosted by Life Church. We saw at the conference how media can be effectively used to reach people for Christ and bring healing and faith. During the conference, our new yesHEis video, In Rough Waters, was featured. The video is a moving […]


Over the summer we released a series of new devotionals penned by the UK Director, Oliver, and delivered via email to subscribers. The devotionals are themed around subjects that are relatable to both the new and mature believer, and are a great way to engage people on a deeper level to grow in their faith, […]

One of the common misconceptions we battle here in the UK is that British people are no longer interested in, or are cynical about, the Christian faith. However, some of the recent responses that our CV Outreach partner churches are processing paint a picture of a people who are desperately searching for a God who […]

For the last month, the UK office have had the joy of hosting intern Julie Troc. Julie lives in Strasbourg, France and connected with us through the CV France team. She shares her thoughts with us here on what she has learned from her experience in the CV UK office: “As I look back on […]

Here in the UK, May was all about a Royal Wedding! The world was watching as about 2 billion people tuned in. Excited as we were for the wedding, what really thrilled us was the Gospel message that Bishop Michael Curry shared with the world. It was so impactful that everyone was talking about it […]

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Sarah* discovered the newest UK Easter video Blight and, having watched it, was excited to download the yesHEis app to discover more content that she could share. She wasn’t sure who she could share Blight with, so she watched more videos. When she discovered A Different Love Story, she prayed that God would show her […]