When Hannah* contacted us she told us about how she had been hurt by her foster family. She had no faith in God and felt abandoned and neglected. We reached out to a youth pastor in her local area and connected them. Hannah agreed to meet the youth pastor a few days later. They talked […]

A couple in Calgary, Canada experienced serious struggles in their marriage. The wife was a Christian and attending a local church, but she reached out to us at CV Outreach, looking for support and guidance in this difficult time. We suggested she could ask her pastor for marriage counselling sessions. The woman felt comfortable with […]

After Jacob* and his wife had split up, she started dating a violent man. Jacob was worried about the health and safety of his two daughters when they were around his ex-wife’s new boyfriend. In the middle of the night, he began to search for advice online and found the ???Forgiveness??? video on a CV […]

Emily* was a Hindu looking for prayers for her three-year-old son, Micheal*. Michael has a speech impediment and his mother felt like something was holding him back from speaking and communicating. When Emily searched for prayers on Google, she found a landing page hosted by??CV Outreach.??Through this page, she was able to submit her prayer […]

A woman had been looking for meaning in life, fulfilment and happiness. She tried out various religions hoping to find something that would make her feel whole. While researching on Google one day, the woman found a CV Outreach video talking about happiness. After watching the video she clicked ???connect now??? and got in touch […]

One man, desperate to save his marriage, was connected to Saddleback Church through CV Outreach. The man googled in search of support, and found a CV Outreach ad that led him here: gospel.saddleback.com He sent the following email to Saddleback: “I am not a member of your church, but I’m desperate for help. Unfortunately, in […]